Nut Butter Dates

Prep Notes

Please note: Dates are high in fructose, so it is best to eat them as a special treat and on occasion only as a healthy sweet snack alternative!

Cooking Time





1 – 2 medjool dates

1 teaspoon nut butter

 ½ teaspoon raw cacao nibs

½ teaspoon desiccated coconut


1. Remove the seeds from the dates.

2. Spread nut butter inside the date where the seed was.

3. Sprinkle cacao nibs and coconut over nut butter. As the nut butter is a little wet it should keep the nibs and coconut in place.

4. Use the back of your teaspoon to push the nut butter and topping into the date. 

5. Enjoy with your favourite tea 


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Recipe + Photo by Lunch Lady Lou - Check out her page below for more tasty, healthy recipe options!